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In our last video, my friend Tabitha Alloway and I discussed what living books are, some of our favorite books, and how we choose and source them for our families. We mentioned a kind of magic that happens when the books we enjoy with our children spill over into their imaginative play and real life situations. No Pinterest perfection required.

Ever wondered how that works?

Want tips for making the magic happen in your home?

This video is for you!

Tabitha and I share specific examples of how we’ve seen living books come to life in our families, how we intentionally foster an environment for what Charlotte Mason calls the “science of relations,” how to model curiosity and connection-making for your kids, and what things might mess with the magic and keep it from happening. Particular subjects we touch on include history, geography, literature, work, play, poetry, scripture and hymns, and the importance of an integrated view of reality. Whew! We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation–we sure did!

Show notes below!

For easy navigating:
00:00 – 02:10 — Intro
02:10 – 05:20— What We’re Reading
05:20 – 23:08 — How Living Books Connect with Real Life
23:08 – 27:53 — Fostering the Environment / The Science of Relations
27:53 – 44:30 — How Do We Model This?
44:30 – 48:24 — What Gets in the Way?
48:24 –   End  — Wrap Up
We plan to have a special guest join us for our next video! Stay tuned! 😀 

Books Mentioned:

Pride and Prejudice

Little Britches

A Philosophy of Education (Charlotte Mason’s Volume Six)

Beauty in the Word and Finish (Reading these in book clubs within Simply Convivial Membership!)

Respectable Sins

Blueberries for Sal

Winnie the Pooh

Little House Series

Irving Berlin: The Immigrant Boy Who Made America Sing

Paddle to the Sea

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Where the Red Fern Grows

The Tales of Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit specifically)

The Chronicles of Narnia

Wind in the Willows

Aesop’s Fables

The Abolition of Man

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