It’s no secret that human beings like to name things.  We name our children, our pets, our businesses, our streets, our territories, our cars, our disorders, our churches, our ideologies, our families…you get the idea.

God made the first man and called him, well, “man” (Adam).  But after that, God gave this man a job.  Adam was to name all the creatures that the Lord brought before him.  He also named his female counterpart “woman, for she was taken out of man”.  And later, he gave her a more specific name:  Eve.

So it would seem we’ve carried on this naming practice uninterrupted ever since.

Apparently names can be important enough that sometimes God Himself intervenes.  Like when He told Abram and Sarai that they should start going by Abraham and Sarah.  Or when He changed Jacob’s name to Israel.  He’s even at times instructed that a baby should be given a particular name, as in the case of Ishmael and Isaac and Solomon, to name a few.

But what God-given name is greater than that of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus? His is the name above every name.


And then there are these silly little intangible things called blogs.  A collection of pixels in cyberspace that a person gets to name.  For a year now my own blog has been called Life Meets Jesus.  It’s a meaningful name, a good name.  But in the blogging world, your blog name is essentially your business name…you brand.  And in that light, it seems a bit trite for a mere human arranging words and pixels to slap the Greatest Name onto something so…miniscule? fallible? marketable?

Now, in my writing and attitude I strive to make much of Jesus, to bring Him glory.  But putting His name in what is effectively my brand name seems at best a bit presumptuous and at worst an irreverent attempt to sloganize the incomparable name of the King of kings.  Of course that hasn’t been my intention, but it has nevertheless been weighing on my heart for months.

“Did you see the latest post on Life Meets Jesus today? It’s about X…” and the conversation trails off into the details of whatever that post might be…maybe it was something overtly spiritual, maybe not.  But someone just rattled off the name of Jesus while thinking about my words rather than about His person.  I think I’d like to avoid inspiring that kind of situation.

This is one of those cases in which less is more.

I have no intention of dancing around spiritual issues, or even the precious name of Jesus in my writing—there will be no change in that regard.  But I am removing it from my blog title.  I’m not ashamed of His name; on the contrary, I exalt it.


So what will replace Life Meets Jesus?  Well, that’s taken quite a bit of time, meditation, and prayer to come up with.  I’ve actually had the name picked out since the middle of the fall:  Kept and Keeping.  A name that embodies the themes of two of my favorite passages of scripture: 1 Peter 1:3-9 and Romans 8.

It’s taken a bit more time to plan this switch and make it happen—and to sit on the new name for long enough that I felt confident it was the right one going forward, that it would be one I could keep.

I’m confident now that it is.

I hope that you’ll appreciate the change, and that you’ll explore all the meaning I see bottled up in this new name on the About page.  But even if you don’t like that I’ve changed the name of my blog or are completely indifferent to it, I have joy in knowing that I’m following through on something that the Lord has made clear to me.  The change was necessary, and here it is.

May you be blessed in this New Year and in the love of the blessed Lord and only Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.