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hand woman photography trunk old pattern finger tattoo sitting human arm muscle chest apron cool image hands fingers prayer age folded skirt resting cool photo wrinkled aged checkered joint abdomen wrinkles

Wrinkled and withered

From work and years

Pained yet praising

Through the tears


Wearied and weak

Yet stretched out to give

Bearing the marks

Of a life well lived


With wisdom and grace

Picking up the lowly

Lifted in worship

Spotless and holy


The hands of the aged

Shaking and slow

Still powerful for Jesus

With much seed to sow


Christ is your glory

Your joy is His praise

His word is your wisdom

Your stronghold His grace


O precious treasure

To know such as you

Who’ve lived long for Jesus

Believing the truth


May the young embrace you

And hold your tired hands

And learn from your living

While they have the chance