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Bottoms and noses
And counters need wiped
The food needs prepared now
This is my life
The bathrooms need scrubbed
The floors–yes–them, too
But for now I am searching
For the other brown shoe
Plusses and minuses,
Consonants and vowels
We go over each
As I fold up the towels
Hunting for dust bunnies
And beloved lost toys
Learning to pay bills
Amidst all the noise
Planting seeds, pulling weeds
In this garden I tend
Praying the harvest
Will be blessed in the end
The days, they are long
But the years, they fly by
Kids grow and I age
With each blink of an eye
These children need their Mama
My husband, his wife
Most gladly I love them
Yes, this is my life
Copyright Lauren Scott 2014