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Hey friends! From time to time you may see a post from me that highlights deals and free resources that I and my family have found valuable and enjoyable. I hope you’ll check them out! For this installment, here are five things I didn’t want you to miss–starting with the most time-sensative. Don’t miss the free resources at the end of the list!

Here you go. Five things you don’t want to miss:

ONE: [EXPIRED] The Preschool Prodigies Back to School Sale and LAST CHANCE to get in on the Lifetime Membership! (Check out why my family loves the Lifetime Membership.) This sale ends (and so does the opportunity to get Lifetime!) on September 4th. Don’t forget to use the code KEPT at checkout to save an additional 5% off your entire order.

preschool prodigies music bells recorder

TWO: Mystie Winckler over at Simply Convivial is offering her six-week Humble Habits e-course from September 7 to October 19. I got in on the first run of Humble Habits at the beginning of the year, and it was game-changing! The godly focus on building faithfulness bit-by-bit and the regular accountability and encouragement was such a blessing to me. And since these are habits that have stuck, I’m still reaping the benefits months later. Check it out! Registration closes September 8! [Check her website for current/upcoming courses.]

THREE: Order the latest Lego book from my friend Sarah Dees (of Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls): Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have! There are some boys I know who will be getting this for Christmas. 😉

It’s no secret that our family loves all things LEGO. But Sarah’s books top our list for generating great ideas and providing entertaining reading to boot. If you haven’t seen her first two books, check them out:

FOUR: I’ve been a big fan of the Close Reads Podcast–they’ve introduced me to some great books and it’s been fun and enlightening to listen to the on-air banter and discussion. But now there are two new podcasts available from Close Reads: The Daily Poem, a short introduction and reading of a famous poem each weekday, and The Play’s the Thing, where the plan is to cover all of Shakespeare’s plays! They’ve recently just started King Lear, so it’s a great time to jump in! Of course you can look any of these up on iTunes or Stitcher.

FIVE: And finally, don’t miss out on being present with those you love. Here’s a free app I’ve started using to intentionally manage my phone use. I’ve found the features to match exactly what I was hoping to accomplish in terms of monitoring and limiting social media usage.


There you have it! I hope you find some of these resources helpful!