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God’s faithfulness has long been one of the most amazing of His attributes to me.  I remember back in high school when I was struggling with feeling very alone and seeing many things in my life changing–God was faithful to me in it all, and He has continued to be ever since.

He has no real obligation to me.  I’m a puny little thing, and if I’m honest, a rebellious creature.  He has no reason to be faithful to me, aside from His promise and His great love.  And because of His faithfulness, I know that His every promise to me is sure, and that His love will not let go.

And so I find so much security and delight in the faithfulness of God.

This song echos the cry of my heart to exalt this Faithful God.  It’s from Shai Linne’s cd, The Attributes of God, which I highly recommend.

And yeah, it’s rap.  So following the lyrics along with this song will be an exercise in speed reading.  🙂  Enjoy!