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I don’t suppose I have ever had much appreciation for dandelions.  Yellow isn’t my favorite color, their leaves aren’t pretty, and they don’t have any particularly lovely smell.  If we lived in a neighborhood in town, they’d be considered highly undesirable weeds to be pulled up and removed from our yard.  But…

I have two little boys.  And they love dandelions.  They love them for one reason–they love to pick them and give them to their mother.  “I like to give you pretty flowers–because you’re pretty!”  Love changes the way you see things.  Being a mother makes even humble weeds a thing of beauty.

Our offerings to the Lord are much like the dandelions my boys like to give me.  I don’t need them.  They aren’t even the most amazing things in the world.  But He delights in His children and even condescends to accept what imperfect gifts we offer Him in love–because He loves  us.

The following song is one that I have enjoyed since I was a teenager, being able back then to relate to the child’s meager offerings and the delight that they are accepted so cheerfully by the One whom the child so adores.  But I love this song even more now as a mother since I can not only relate to the heart of a child, but in at least some small way, I can understand God’s heart of love for His children–He “sees flowers in these weeds”.